The Proite family has a long history in the produce industry. In the early 1900s, Salvatore Proite sold fruit and vegetables from his horse-drawn wagon. His sons, Joe Sr. and Tony, continued in their father’s footsteps on their wholesale produce route servicing many local restaurants and stores. They eventually opened their own store, The New Deal, in Milwaukee.

Family Owned

Joe Proite Jr. continued his family’s tradition and opened Layton Fruit Market in 1980.  At the time, it was an open-air produce market that was only open in the summer months. The building was eventually enclosed to allow the store to operate year-round.


Since then, Layton Fruit Market has expanded by adding a refrigerated deli section, great seafood selection, catering department, groceries and continued to maintain the delicious produce that started it all. Three of Joe’s children and his wife, Andrea, all work together to give you a wonderful experience every time you walk in the door.

From our family to yours, welcome!